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TECNOLASS provides various services in the area of ​​Predictive Maintenance and Industrial, and Technical Assistance Baker Equipment. We are an innovative company with the market with highly trained professionals to make a call with excellence and quality. So allow your equipment has a higher availability in operation to life increase, to a Predictive Maintenance Service as the options below.

Alignment and Balancing Machines Rotary


Vibration Analysis

Technical Assistance BAKER


Predictive Maintenance Deployment
Power Quality


Ultrasound END


Analysis of Oil Lubrificant
Profile Technical Analysis
Industrial Endoscopy


Environmental Noise Measurement




Ultrasound to Leakage and Noise


+55 12 3949-2992
Seg a Sex - 08 as 20 Horas.

Atendimento: +55 (12) 3949-2992  

Localização: Parque Tecnológico UNIVAP - Av. Shishima Hifumi, 2911

Sala 106 A - 1o Andar - Urbanova - CEP 12244-000

São José dos Campos / SP - BRASIL


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