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The TECNOLASS has the most diverse courses in Predictive Maintenance , Safety and Industrial . We have courses in On-site arrangements and the distance ( only for some courses ) , while maintaining the quality of the courses. Select below the course of your choice and subscribe to any of them , as our programming courses . Desiring to receive the course in company , request proposals from courses without compromise . It will be a pleasure to serve them .

Thermography Courses


Click here to read all course levels that TECNOLASS offers. Are classroom courses and distance.


Vibration Analysis Course

Click here to read all course levels that TECNOLASS offers. Are classroom courses and distance.

Power Quality Course


Great course for technicians, engineers and students. Check out all the information the course of Power Quality TECNOLASS.


Laser Alignment Course

Theorical and practical course of high importance for all professionals. The TECNOLASS has the course tailored for you .


Balancing Course


Course teaching students to calculate and make any balancing machines in the field. The TECNOLASS own classroom course and distance.

Industrial Lubrification Course

Course for those wanting to know all the concepts of Tribology, including characteristics of lubricants oils, lubrication plan and Analysis Laboratory.

Ultrasound in Predictive Course

Course with application in Corona Effect, Bearings, Air Leak Pill, traps, etc. Meet the course offered by TECNOLASS .

SPDA Course


Theorical and practical course teaching all SPDA techniques. The student learns by doing, ie theory combined with practice. The TECNOLASS brings you this learning.

Wire Steel Inspecion and Straps Course

Be a professional / company certified by TECNOLASS inspection of steel cables and straps Lifting. Course focused on Safety and Operation area.



Course in 02 Levels: Project and Supervisor. Meet the courses TECNOLASS. Learn to prepare a Rigging plan and execute. Be a qualified professional.


Course Acessories Inspection Handling Of Loads

The TECNOLASS prepared a specific course for Accessory Drive complementing the steel cables. Exccelente Course.

Boroscope Course

Single course in Brazil offered by TECNOLASS. Theory and Practice making sure students for the growing labor market.


Industrial Courses


Several industrais courses offered by TECNOLASS in different areas. Click here to check it out.

Security Courses

Aiming to expand the horizons, the TECNOLASS presents its courses in industrial safety area, completing an important cycle in course grade. Check Out.

Energy Efficiency Course

Looking to improve the use of electricity and seeking new sources of clean, the TECNOLASS prepared a very comprehensive course.

Industrial Painting Course

Basic course for professionals who want to join a promising area and growing.

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