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The TECNOLASS is a Company That is located in the Valley of Paraiba (Sao Jose dos Campos/SP) and was created to serve the market for the provision of services, consultancy and courses in the area of Predictive Maintenance and Industrial and Repairs in Measuring Equipment. We are a Company with a large differential in the market, because we have staff trained abroad with vast experience in the areas in witch we operate.


We are always striving for excellence in services and we have as its main objective, meet our customers with speed and quality. This makes us grow on the market and certainly put the flag TECNOLASS in each service.



The TECNOLASS has the Best Courses Live and distance in the following areas:

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Crane and Safety



Services Predictive Maintenance with quality and fast. we Serve the entire Brazil, South America and Africa. We can attend North America and Europe too.



Ask for prices of products sold and represented by TECNOLASS. Infrared Cameras, Accelerometers, Books, Cables of Vibration Analyzers, etc.

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+55 12 3949-2992
Seg a Sex - 08 as 20 Horas.

Atendimento: +55 (12) 3949-2992  

Localização: Parque Tecnológico UNIVAP - Av. Shishima Hifumi, 2911

Sala 106 A - 1o Andar - Urbanova - CEP 12244-000

São José dos Campos / SP - BRASIL


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